Three questions to Sébastien Bourg, artist represented by the Galerie de Roussan

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Paris, 31st March 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Exhibited by the Roussan Gallery in the Promesses section which gathers emerging creations, artistic duo composed of Sandra Aubry and Sébastien Bourg is one of the 2013 Art Paris Art Fair discoveries. Art Media Agency met with Sébastien Bourg.

Could you present your duo?
We met with Sandra Aubry during our studies at the École des Beaux-Arts in Rennes. We started working together unofficially and after graduation, we decided to form our artistic duo. Coherence of our approaches developed during our studies. Our work is multidisciplinary. We practise everything except for painting: drawing, collage, volume, installation, transformation and misappropriation of objects…we aim to produce an outline of an artwork, we produce neither an image nor an object that seems to be rather simple and in general is based on the idea or vision and we compose these images/objects from duality, opposition. We try to maintain a discord within our creations. We produce mostly series and very often this is the question of image and image’s destruction that incarnates absence of the image. The series titled Chassis with the inscription “Je ne me rappellerai pas” (I won’t recall) illustrates the direction towards which oscillates our work. It is embodied by various materials of different resistance: concrete, paraffin wax, plaster, bees wax…and evokes an obligation of remembering, a fear of oblivion.

What does an art fair such as the Art Paris give you?
An art fair such as the Art Paris gives us enormous visibility, apart from the sales opportunities for major encounters. The stand of the Roussan gallery was very well received, we had numerous publications, including one in the Huffington Post! Compliments are very significant as well. Visitors appreciated our stand’s coherence and the gallery’s choice which bet on simplicity. The stand is minimalist and it takes time to appreciate each piece. We are neither spectacular nor very eye-catching. The public is very often overwhelmed by art fairs that is why simplicity played to our advantage.

As for the sales, this is important as well. We gained new collectors and the ones that know us already like to participate in the art fairs. We were also commissioned a work which will be a very interesting experience with regards to producing it; we will have to respect the buyer and at the same keep our identity. The contacts made during the art fair will be very stimulating for the future.

Being a duo is a strength or weakness?
A strength! Disadvantages are minor. The main inconvenience could be the one concerning finance. Everything is divided in two! We share everything and so we are forced to produce more…
Anything else is part of our force. Our work is based on a dialogue, we do not need to negotiate. It is like exquisite cadaver (cadavre exquis). Our duo should be seen as a harmonious collective. The question “who does what?” does not exist in our team, it is like being one body with two heads.

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