Trivia of Jan Saudek at Classic Photography Gallery, Moscow

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Moscow, 14 February 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Classic Photography Gallery in Moscow, from 28 March to 12 May 2013, is to present the first exhibition of Czech photographer Jan Saudek titled “Life, love, death and other trivia”. Over 120 works, including his 1960s allegories as well as last decades controversial prints, will be exhibited.

Jan Saudek is one of the major figures of contemporary photography. He obtained this status especially thanks to his famous erotic works in which he explores the most surprising aspects of human sexuality. His favourite topic is body’s beauty out of ordinary. His provoking prints present relation between man and woman, love and independence, honesty and lie, beauty and ugliness. The artist juxtaposes and strays from these antagonisms in order to create his peculiar world.

Models of his photographs, starting from 1980s and 1990s, are completely naked: this is especially striking in his diptychs, where he puts together the poser dressed and shamelessly undressed. Nevertheless, the naked body is far from being scandalous. There is no place for voyeurism, the photographs are made according to the rule “he who has bad thoughts is the one who should be ashamed”. On the other hand, the models are so far from the classical beauty type that one can forget the platonic admiration of the body’s curves.

“In Suadek’s works there is certainly theatricality,” says the exhibition’s curator Mark Korbet. “Models are wearing retro-style make up while the plot and set are as much surreal as possible”.

Indeed, it makes sense to look for Saudek’s inspirations in Surrealism or classic paintings and understand them as elegant quotations of past romanticism, yet, as the press release points out, his works have less in common with Van Dyck than with discoloured postcards, decorous prints depicting opulent ladies revealing bare skin under their corsets and laces.

The exhibition is organised in partnership with Czech republic Embassy, Miro Gallery (Prague) and KinolArt (Moscow).

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