Andy Warhol Museum takes over The Armory Show 2013

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New York, 7 February 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Armory Focus, the annually curated section of The Armory Show, will highlight the gallery and artistic landscape of a chosen geographic region. Director of the Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh) Eric Shiner was selected to curate Armory Focus: USA – which is to present 17 established and emerging galleries. The Andy Warhol Museum – one of the four Carnegie museums in Pittsburgh – will thus be particularly present at the Armory Show venues from 6 through 10 March 2013. The event should be an opportunity to present “a broad snapshot of the country’s contemporary cultural practice”.

On occasion of the show, Eric Shiner remarks, “The Armory Focus section will approach the very broad topic of ‘America’ through the eyes of over 20 artists who make it the subject of their work (…). Some might critique America, while others celebrate its history, legacy or absurdity. One hundred years after the avant-garde made its American debut at the 1913 Armory, today we must ask what, if anything, is new, shocking, or revolutionary.”

A series of special exhibitions are scheduled on occasion of Armory Focus: USA.

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