Watercolours by a World War I German soldier on sale in London

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London, 8 January 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

A show dedicated to graphic art, titled “Watercolours + Works on Paper Fair” will be held from 31 January to 3 February 2013 at the London Museum of Science, South Kensington. Exhibitors will present ancient, modern and contemporary works, exploring a wide range of drawings and works on paper, including gouaches, watercolours, photographs, prints, posters and books.

On this occasion, a rare series of 60 watercolours, gouaches and drawings depicting life in German trenches during World War I will be displayed.  These drawings and paintings were produced by Albert Heim (born in 1890), who studied art and illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. He served in the 51st Reserve Division Wurtemburger under Lieutenent General Theodor von Wundty, who ordered him the depiction of events during the Somme Offensive, before and after the big Allies Offensive on 1st July 1916. His works provide a chronicle of everyday life during bombing with a German sense of humour and pictural approach, which distinguish them from similar English artworks.

This collection will be exhibited and offered on sale by Abbott and Holder during the fair. Additionally, this show will precede other events which will spread throughout 2014 for the centenary of World War I.



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