The Musée Maillol presents its upcoming exhibition “FRAGILE. Murano. Glass Masterpieces from the Renaissance to the 21st century”

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Paris, 30 November 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

From 27 March to 28 July 2013 the Musée Maillol will present the exhibition “FRAGILE. Murano. Glass masterpieces from the Renaissance to the 21st century”. It will be the first time in France an exhibition recalls the history of Murano glass-work, in the course of seven centuries of intense creativity, from the mid-15th century to nowadays.

The very name of Murano refers to the Venetian island and its emblematic art of glass. The exhibition aims at highlighting the precious know-how, unique quality and splendour of glass-work produced in the Murano ateliers.

It will feature about 200 pieces from both public and private collections. The objects selected for the event were initially intended for royal families and European courts, and are among the finest of the Renaissance, Baroque fantasies and 18th century creations. There will also be some contemporary pieces, emblematic of the 1920s Art Deco era, and of the 1950s Modernism.

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