The Cleveland Museum to put Monet on sale at Sotheby’s New York

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Cleveland, 30 October 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Since several years, Cleveland Museum has undertaken a multimillion-dollar expansion in order to create  Ames Family Atrium, a place in the heart of the Museum devoted to various activities, opened on 28 October. As a consequence of this renewals, the Museum decided as well to trim its collection of a Monet. Indeed, Champ de blé (1881) will be put on sale at Sotheby’s New York, knowing that the museum owns a very rich and interesting ensemble of works by this painter.

C. Griffith Mann, curator-in-chief of the Museum declares that selected work or works can be removed from the collection when they become superfluous; this is a natural process of refinement of the collection.

The sale is set for 5 November at Sotheby’s New York. The last time this painting has been on auction was in 2011 and it is now estimated between $5,000,000 and $7,000,000.

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