“Family Portrait” at the Carriage Trade gallery

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New York, 22 October 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Carriage Trade gallery, based in New York, presents a group exhibition titled “Family Portrait” through 9 December 2012. The participating artists are: Art Club 2000, Olaf Breuning, Louise Bourgeois, Dan Graham, Carol Irving, Mathias Kessler, Dorothea Lange, Servane Mary, Claes Oldenburg, Hans Op de Beeck.

This exhibition features the image of modern family created by television. In fact it refers to the first reality show “An American Family” (1971) that filmed the life of one single family for seven executive months. The spectators would witness tensions, conflicts which were caused by the permanent presence of cameras; the climax was when Patricia Loud asked for a divorce on air.

This exhibition aims to examine values represented by a family in contemporary society as presented in television, publicity and pop-culture: “a group which incarnates paternal figure and social order”. Paradoxically, the American society places the family in the midst of a complex equation. Of course, democracy allows for anyone to cross the “borders” but surprisingly the obsession of status and lineage remains the key to success.

As well as a blood relation, family is a specific social structure, the same one which we can find in certain religious or political systems that use the figure of father-leader. The weakest depend on the strongest, is how one could describe both the American family and society. Press release by Carriage Trade goes further and adds that a father-politician subconsciously gains people’s trust and this is the most important during the election campaign: “the image of Mitt Romney seems to come directly from the 1950s sitcom”.

Often used for political issues, the family is on display in “Family Portrait”, an exhibition that who shows its evolution. Defined by contemporary society standards, the notion of family seems to interfere on social and political life.

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