Auctions of historical photographs at Kaminski

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Beverly, 19 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

In Beverly, Massachusetts, Kaminski Auctions will organise on 3 and 4 October two special auctions of historical daguerreotypes and modern photographs. Around 200 photographs will be put to sale.

These photographs become the witnesses of a past time, of yesterday lives and fashions, while some daguerreotypes are more political. Photographs use albumen print and gelatin silver process. There are some portraits of Abraham Lincoln, of photography pioneer Henry Fox Talbot, and even a very rare photograph of Henry Clay. Baseball photographs will also be put to sale, with Jackie Robinson, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees.

These auctions will certainly attract all collectors and enthusiasts. It is certain some unique historical photographies  will be sold a fortune. As for instance one of the only daguerreotypes of President Lincoln without a beard, estimated between $7,000 and 9,000.

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