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New York, 19 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

Skate’s Art Market Research has recently updated its research on international art funds, which results have been presented in occasion of a conference last 13 September hosted by the New York State Bar Association and titled “Matters of Art Finance: Exploration of Art Loans & Art Investment Funds”.

The world ranking for the art industry has been presented at the International Art Industry Forum (IAIF) in Vienne the 19 and 20 September 2012. The first point of the research is Skate’s Art Industry 100, which draws up a ranking for enterprises in the blooming art market. This ranking is based on a unique methodology exclusive to Skate’s which is looking to analyse the contribution of art enterprises which are investing in the world market, including business figures (estimated or published), the number of employees, the international range, the compulsory features and additional factors. According to Skate’s Research, the annual turnover of these first hundred enterprises in the art industry was equal to 32.5 milliard dollars in 2011. In total, these enterprises have opened more than 600 offices in the world and employ around 42,000 people.

Trade is one of the main activities in the art sector, with the auctions model. One third of enterprises quoted in Skate’s Art Industry 100 run auction sales. At the same time, many enterprises try to widen the range of sectors, positioning themselves like finance services dealers or private agents (following the models proposed by the leaders of the industry like Sotheby’s and Christie’s). They venture also into other domains like education, publishing or the exhibitions and events management.

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