MK2 opens at the Grand Palais a new movie theatre

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Paris, 19 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

At the end of October, the MK2 will open its 11th movie theatre at the Grand Palais. A unique programming will be organised for the premiere.

Grand Palais, emblematic place of the capital built in occasion of the Exposition Universelle in 1900, is now a museum open to all sorts of art: photography, painting, sculpture, music, fashion. To date only one artistic expression was missing: the cinema, so called seventh art, combination of all artistic forms. With the opening of MK2, the Grand Palais gets complete.

For private screenings during the week, the theatre will open to the public at week-ends. Based on the third floor of the museum, the theatre will have 104 places in grey velour and will offer to the public, thanks to its digital projector HD Sony CineAlta 4K and its Dolby stereo 5.1, a high quality image and sound.

Although tickets prices have not yet been disclosed, the programming is at least defined. Indeed, apart from the documentaries, retrospectives on the big names of cinema, children movies the matinées, the accent will be put on short films.

This project displays the will of the directors of the Grand Palais of consecrating the palace to art and culture in Paris.

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