“Terrain Fragile” at the Marie Cini Gallery

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Paris, 20 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

Until 20 October 2012, The Marie Cini Gallery presents the exhibition “Terrain Fragile”. This exhibition will gather the works of three artists: Dominique Ghesquière, Markus Hansel and Ulrike Möshel, under the supervision of the curator Adrien Pasternak.

These three artists belong to the Franco-German artistic scene and to different generations. Their worlds are confronting themselves in the exhibition. All three are taking into account the architecture of the gallery, of a great importance for the works organization, and even creation. This exhibition is indeed a very singular event, for some of the works have never been presented to the public before, and some others were created especially for the occasion. Dominique Ghesquière, usually known for her sculptures and installations, is presenting for the first time photographs, and Markus Hansel made something entirely new too.

The exhibition begins with a photograph by Ghesquière, Foule (Crowd, 2012), timeless and mysterious, continuing with Markus Hansel’s Pilier Fantôme (Ghost Pillar, 2012), inspired by the space’s architecture. Eventually, Ulrike Möshel decides to continue Hansel’s work by playing with the architecture of the place, before ending the exhibition with a video titled Mirror.

It is certain the three artists have given much attention to material and texture effects, particularly focusing on the notion of fragility. For instance the work Magazine (2002) by Ghesquière is composed of old and crumpled magazines like in a waiting room, almost torn to pieces.

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