The Nara Roesler Gallery presents works by Lucia Koch

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São Paulo, 20 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Nara Roesler Gallery presents from 1 September to 13 October 2012 Lucia Koch’s “Materiais de Construção” (Construction materials) in a new exhibition. Through photography, installation, video and interventions, Koch recreates spatial perception and questions disruptive effects. In her solo exhibition, she presents new works introducing materials used in her previous interventions, taken from architectural spaces and disposed on industrial screens.

The exhibition is structured by two opposed situations: in the gallerie’s showcases are presented the”Entulhos (e velho novo)” (Fragments, old and new), two rectangular boxes containing fragments of old cuts and sheets of various materials used by the artist these ten years, and of the new pieces of the current event. The scraps, indexed by type, colour and form, are now irretrievably mixed together. On the main exhibition space, metal shelves with sliding panels, as in a hardware store. Each contains a group of materials.

Lucia Koch was born in Porto Alegre in 1966. She lives and works in São Paulo. In the 1990s, she started a series of events in domestic spaces, as she would do later in museums and galleries, with projects created for the spaces and situation she meets. She took part in many events: “A Terrible Beauty is born” (Lyon Biennial, 2011), “How to Live Together (São Paulo Biennial, 2006), “More than this” (Göteborg Biennial, 2005), and “Poetic Justice” (Istambul Biennial, 2003).

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