Canaletto at the Maillol Museum

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Paris, 20 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

From yesterday to 10 February 2013, the Musée Maillol presents an exhibition of Venetian works of the artist Giovanni Antonio Canal: “Canaletto à Venise” (Canaletto in Venice).

In partnership with the Foundation of Venice Civic Museum, this exhibition will allow the public to discover and admire Venice through the artist’s eyes. He immortalised on his canvas the Venetian life of that time, piazzas, buildings, gondolas, etc. 46 paintings, mainly of a large size, the sketchbook exceptionally lend by Venice city, and drawings open the door of Canaletto’s imagination and let the public enter another world.

Giovanni Antonio Canal, a XVIIIth century painter, is famous for his panoramas called “vedute”. He did not invent the genre himself, for other artists had already represented cities in their paintings before him, but his contribution of a particular modernity allowed him to outdo his predecessors. He thus achieves with great talent capturing the light and every detail in his paintings, and is therefore highly valued by collectors.

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