“Aphrodite and the Gods of Love” at the San Antonio Museum of Art

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San Antonio, 20 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

Until 17 February 2013, the San Antonio Museum of Arts is presenting an exhibition about the Grecian goddess of love. One of the main divinities of the Mount Olympus, Aphrodite is also one of ancient art’s favourite theme.

For almost 2.500 years, the goddess has been a source of inspiration for the ancient artists. This exhibition “Aphrodite and the Gods of love” is the first ever to follow the evolution of ancient art style through representations of the goddess. These representations changing as time goes by reflect the complex personality Homer gives to the daughter of Zeus.

The exhibition gathers almost 125 statues, sculptures, vases, jewels, mirrors and other artefacts representing Aphrodite. Each evidences the various facets of Aphrodite’s personality and character, who is more than a simple goddess of love. She incarnates indeed seduction and desire, but is also a protector of mothers, wives, lovers, sailors, warriors and politicians. All, at some point of their lives, did rely on her.

Besides, it is the first time the San Antonio Museum of Art presents an exhibition about the ancient Greece art and culture. It is organised by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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