The winners of “Plataforma 2012” in Tegucigalpa

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Tegucigalpa (Honduras), 18 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

Lucy Argueta, Lester Rodríguez, Fernando Cortés, Jorge Oquelí, Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez and César Chinchilla are the winners of the Honduras Biennial “Plataforma 2012” organized by the Asociación de Mujeres en las Artes Leticia de Oyuela (Association of Women in the Arts, MUA).

This contemporary art meeting installed last Wednesday both in the Galería Nacional de Arte (National Gallery of Art) and the Museo para la Identidad Nacional (Museum for the National Identity, MIN), welcomed an exhibition gathering eleven Honduran artists.

The curatorship of the exhibition was entrusted to Gustavo Larach, member of the Honduras Biennial committee. He inaugurated it along with Bonnie de García, president of the MUA , and Gustavo Raudales Rush, financial Director of the Banco Promérica.

Among the winning projects, the video installation Merma by Lucy Argueta, based on the process of clothes’ organic decomposition was remarkable. Lester Rodríguez presented an installation titled Mecanofagia, dealing with agrarian production and the Bajo Aguán region issues. Fernando Cortés and Gabriel Vallecillo, as for them, proposed two video installations, La Cena and Precipitación de ternura, questioning oppressing situations. Jorge Oquelí’s video performance, Alimento, is a kind a mirror allowing to see a reflection of reality in order to question it even more. Finally, César Chinchilla’s work, the installation Red Glare, uses parody as a favourite means of critic.

The six winners will represent Honduras at the Istmo Centroamericano Biennial of Visual Arts, taking place in January 2013 in Panamá.

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