The ever-growing Gagosian empire

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Le Bourget, 18 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

After New York, London, Los Angeles, Geneva, Athens, Rome, Paris and Hong Kong, the magnate of contemporary art market Larry Gagosian now conquers Le Bourget. And even overtakes the London Tate modern for exhibition surface.

The renovation of the exhibition space was entrusted to French star architect Jean Nouvel. A 1950 industrial building, near runways and private jets, is the place chosen by the most prominent art trader of the world to install his twelfth gallery. Works will be installed over more than 5.000 sq. m exhibition surface, with two floors and a mezzanine. Jean Nouvel’s project is the preserving of the original facade. He wants to enlarge the interior space in order to offer the visitors various points of view.

The opening of this forthcoming place, only 20 minutes from Paris, will happen in the fall 2012 (18 October) and the opening exhibition will be dedicated to German artist Anselm Kiefer.

Art Newspaper had fun enumerating the evermore impressing growth of Gagosian galleries: with thirteen exhibition spaces in the world, the Gagosian empire will dispose, at the end of the year, of an exhibition surface vaster than the London Tate modern’s (13.500 sq.m). Art Newspaper actually enumerates 14.500 sq.m all over the world, as well as a weekly turnover estimated 15 M € by economist Don Thompson.

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