The Setba Gallery announces the opening of its fifth season

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Barcelona, 18 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Setba Gallery, in association with the Setba Foundation, announces the opening of its fifth season with the pluridisciplinary exhibition titled “Arte Joven 2012”. It thus reminds that ever since its opening in 2008, the gallery’s constant aim has been to trust emerging artists in order to promote artistic careers.

Thirteen plasticist artists are thus presented, and, last innovation, the exhibition relies this year on music. The chosen artists are all under 30: Paula Alonso, Monica Campoy, Carmen Carrasco, Helena Costa, Eloi Costilludo, Catalina Cueto, Sonia Ferre, Jan Monclus, Kika Moragues, Carles Piera, Raquel Rappini, Javier Rubín, Esteban Rubira and Pere Vilanova will be there.

Visitors will be able to watch many different disciplines:  sculpture, engraving, painting, photography, illustration, installation and music. Paula Alonso and Kika Moragues’ sculptures, Palafitos urbanos and Pirámide infinita, or Carles Piera’s, La cornucopia des histories, will particularly stand out.

All these artists come from the “Stripart” group organized by the Centro Cívico del Guinardó, and will take part in “Setba Joven 2012” in the exhibition space Plaza Real in Barcelona.

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