Maurice Renoma presents his suitcases collection

   |  18 September 2012  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

Paris, 17 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

Maurice Renoma, fashion designer, photographer, decorator and director of several Parisian organizations, is considered, with his brother Michael, as a precursor of the “yé-yé” fashion. He leads an internationally famous clothes and accessories brand, with artefacts distributed all over the world. He furthermore owns a “café”, a fashionable place serving as a gallery as well.

The Renoma shop, situated 129 bis rue de la Pompe in Paris now presents the brand’s new luggage collection. Inspired by his own exhibitions, Maurice Renoma chooses three themes to create one single collection : the design of Street Art, the anticonformism of Punk, and the portraits of Mythology.

Therefore suitcases of three sizes are available, costing from 120 to 140 €. A suit-dressed gentleman with a horse head or a shattered Union Jack, this is how your next suitcase may look.

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