Shirin Neshat presents “Games of Desire”

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Singapore, 17 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

Art Plural Gallery will present from 26 October to 15 December 2012 an exhibition of the Iranian artist Shirin Neshat, now living in New York.

Her work gives women the right to speak. As a feminist, her subjects are strong, independent women, daring to share their opinions.

Thus, “Games of Desire” will reveal her photographs and videos, enlightening the life of Laotian aged women, living in a world still hesitating between tradition and globalization.

Screens show a Laotian old woman and man. They sing, court and fidget. They want to attract the other sex, as they do during wedding ceremonies and other celebrations. The song’s lyrics allude to their simple life, often full of unexpected sexual connotations. Only on these occasions men and women can joke, far beyond the severe social conventions and society’s predefined roles.

Such is one of the most outstanding installations of Shirin Neshat’s exhibition “Games of Desire”.

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