“Lost in Paradise. Du spirituel dans l’art actuel” at the Espace Sévigné

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Paris, 17 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

As each year, A&E Projects is willing, through a new exhibition called “Lost in Paradise. Du spirituel dans l’art actuel”, to present some of the major figures of international contemporary art. Artists from East and Middle East meet and work on the theme of spirituality. The works of five contemporary artists will be presented to reveal their interpretations.

Among these artists, Reza Aramesh, born in Awhaz (Iran) in 1970. He uses photographs spread by the media as a source of inspiration, in order to reconstitute certain scenes of violence of the last international conflicts. However he shows no war object or weapon, and the clothes refer to no context.

Shezad Dawood, born in Pakistan, is the author of a rich, hybrid work. The artist creates installations made of neon lights. Pakistani Idris Khan uses numerical photography in order to recreate existing documents such as the Coran and Milton’s Paradise Lost. The latter inspires the artist to compose a work of the same name, a series of twelve engravings mounted in aluminium.

Ariandhitya Pramuhendra, of indonesian extraction, expresses the artist’s quest of identity and questions about the place of individual in society. Large sizes and dark colours remind the harshness of Spanish religious scenes such as Francisco de Zurbaran’s.

Finally, Michael Rovner, Israeli artist living and working in New York, uses a great variety of techniques, such as video, photography, engraving, painting and sculpture. Even though the work is being politicized, the artist is above all attentive to the human condition.

The Espace Sévigné is situated in the heart of the Marais, next to the Carnavalet museum, a former printing shop, transformed in the last century  into  a 350 square meter loft.

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