“Poets in times of famine” at the Art Museum del Banco de la República de Bogotá

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Bogotá, 17 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

“Poetas en tiempo de escasez” (Poets in times of famine), the current exhibition of the Museo del Banco de la República de Bogotá, combines video and photography in order to question the socio-economical transformations of the contemporary world.

Until the 20 October, this international exhibition shows artists coming from all continents, with the collaboration of various institutions such as the Caraffa museum (Argentina), the Juan Pardo Heeren Gallery (Peru) and the Centro de Exposiciones Subte del Departamento de Cultura de la Intendencia de Montevideo (Uruguay). The choice of the artists shows the cultural diversity of the project: Julian D’Angiolillo (Argentina), Chen Chieh-Jen (Taiwan), Harun Farocki, Mark Formanek (Germany), Chris Larson (US), Pablo Lobato (Brasil), Roman Signer (Switzerland) or Camilo Restrepo and Jaime Tarazona (Colombia).

The exhibition intends to examin the differences and various shades of language existing in the art criticism. The concept of crisis can therefore enlight the artists and help them representing a satire of the everyday dullness flooding the world and leaving everyone drowned.

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