“Absolutely Creative: Art in an Endless Stream”, an exhibition

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Taichung (Taiwan), 17 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Powen Gallery, based in Taiwan, proposes now and until the 27 October 2012 an exhibition entitled “Absolutely Creative: Art in an Endless Stream”, on the artist Chung-Chuan Cheng.

Chung-Chuan Cheng is a painter born in 1931, now aged 81. As a graduate of the National Taiwan Normal University, she founds with some friends the Fifth Moon Group. After marrying she moves to Japan and only comes back to her birthplace for exhibitions. Though living abroad for half a century, Chung-Chuan Cheng was always a leading figure in Taiwan art history. She grew up in a conservative Taiwan, but she never lost her vivacity nor deserted her modern ideas. Thus the visitors may discover how her work is impregnated of this independence of spirit and sincere feelings.

After the Second World War, there were but few galleries in Taiwan. Collecting art is not familiar to the Taiwanese. The artists did not work in order to get rich, but only by passion and interest. However, as time went by, the art market ended up filled with works created in a purely commercial aim, without real sense or feeling. According to Chung-Chuan Cheng who grew up in the East, painting allowed her to relax, allowed women to express their feelings, to free themselves from the restraints of society.

Her style is a combination of abstract and figurative art. The visitor is absorbed by the feelings of joy and carelessness that come from her paintings; same-coloured works that inspire reverie.

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