Opening of a new gallery in 2013 in New York

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New York, 17 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

Dominique Lévy, former director of XXth art and contemporary art sales at Christie’s, announced the opening a new gallery in New York in the spring 2013.

The famous connoisseuse and gallery curator will open a gallery specialized in postwar and contemporary masterpieces. The gallery’s program will be composed of historical retrospectives as well as new, contemporary artists’ works. The gallery will also present auctions, and provide advice and help to the management of collections.

Dominique Lévy’s experience in postwar art is considerable. Being indeed an expert on artists such as Yves Klein, Piet Mondrian or Alexander Calder, her knowledge will guide her managing the gallery and choosing the programming.  But she considers as well contemporary artists and the young artistic generation; she is eager to experience new ideas and try new approaches.

As co-founder of L&M Arts with Robert Mnunchin, Dominique Lévy will continue working and leading the gallery with her colleague. However from January 2013, L&M Arts will change name and be called Mnunchin Gallery. This will mark a new beginning for both.

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