“Delacroix and the dawn of Orientalism” in Chantilly

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Chantilly, 17 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

From the 29 September 2012 to the 7 January 2013, the Salle du Jeu de Paume of the Condé Museum, in Chantilly, will welcome the exhibition called ”Delacroix et l’aube de l’orientalisme“ (Delacroix and the dawn of Orientalism).

Orientalism is one of the highest points of the Condé museum collections. The second in France for ancient painting, it preserves many orientalist works: 22 paintings and more than a hundred drawings, acquired by the Duke d’Aumale.

Delacroix is present in Chantilly with several orientalist paintings and with his extraordinary Morocco sketchbook (1832). Many other artists, then famous, are exposed  next to the great master: Decamps, Marilhat, Vernet, Fromentin, etc.

The exhibition means to focus on the beginnings of Orientalism, to  explore the birth of this movement in order to understand better these artists that were the first to dare looking beyond Europe. The period is that of the July Monarchy, regime of Louis-Philippe, father of the Duke d’Aumale who donated  the castle of Chantilly to the Institut de France.

This exhibition will be directed by Vincent Pomarède, head curator of heritage at the Paintings department of the Louvre and Nicole Garnier-Pelle, head curator of heritage at the Condé museum.

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