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Brussels, 10 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA).

Tribal Art Society (TAS) is an association of traders, which expertise is internationally recognised, who, since June 2011, proposes through a website the sale of tribal art objects. The members subscription at TAS is made by invitation. It is offered only to traders specialised in tribal art and who are attending to the most relevant events and fairs.

Works are published and renewed at the beginning of each month. Objects are shown under different sights with a complete description and name and address of the trader to contact. To guarantee the authenticity of the objects presented on the website, they are validated by a team of experts, members of the most accredited valuation companies. Collectors can decide and buy with complete confidence. Buyers have seven days after delivery to return the object in case they are not completely satisfied with their purchase. This website which aim is mainly commercial is also keen into updating its members with collectors interviews and press releases.

In its second year, Tribal Art Society, the association of art traders announced the selection of five new galleries: the Bernard Dulon, Alain de Monbrison, Antony JP Meyer, Lucas Ratton and Serge Schoffel galleries. It has to date 18 selected members who are recognised in the world of Arts premiers. Tribal Art Society has also a new website, realised by CURATOR STUDIO, and updated daily by the H&C agency. A dynamic collaboration signals a significant renewal for this traders association. The new website design and its ergonomics will seduce collectors and informed amateurs as well as the novices.

This week Paris becomes capital of the Arts premiers with the “Parcours des Mondes” (Journey around the World). The public would be able to meet the Tribal Art Society members around the artistic district of Saint-Germain des Prés. Two members will also be present at the Antiquarians Biennial: Bernard Dulon and Didier Claes.

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