Three Moroccan artists exposed in BPS22 in Charleroi

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Charleroi, 11 September, 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

For its 2012 opening, the BPS22 space for contemporary creation of the Province of Hainaut, Charleroi, hosts the exhibition “Intranquillités” under the DABA Morocco artistic and civic season. This exhibition brings together the works of three artists from the Moroccan diaspora, Benhelima Sharif, Mohamed El Baz and Mounir Fatmi, curated by Charles-Olivier Gohy.

Disquiet … The title, borrowed from the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, refers to a state of anxiety, certain restlessness, or a form of insecurity. The idea is however different, as the statement indicates: it is rather a call to stay alert, senses and intelligence alert, in today’s world. Curiosity (as a tool of emancipation), free speech and the quest for origins are the key points of this group exhibition. These three artists develop this behavior, which fits perfectly with the cultural policy of BPS22 for twelve years.

Faced with a rapidly changing world, to a reality that sometimes cannot be controlled, Charif Benhelima, Mohamed El Baz and Mounir Fatmi invite the audience to remain quiet and vigilant and to permanently activate this “disquiet” curiosity which is the warranty of our consciousness. With this approach, raise awareness and help building a more egalitarian global society.

The B.P.S. 22 is the space of contemporary design of the Arts Sector of the Province of Hainaut. This industrial building of glass and iron, with an area of more than 1.200m ², was erected in 1911. Partially reallocated since 2000, he hosts classical exhibitions (picture rails, determined space-time, moving etc..), in-situ creations such as more eventful experiments, bringing together different artistic disciplines (music, theater, dance etc..) and different aesthetic (techno culture, electronic arts, etc.

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