Biennale des Antiquaires: Jean-Henri Riesener at Kraemer House

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Paris, 10 September 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

From 14 to 23 September 2012, the Kraemer House is organising in stand number 32 the 16th Biennale des antiquaires, the first exhibition dedicated to Jean-Henri Riesener, big cabinet maker of King and Queen –.

This exhibition with museum style marks a new glorious feat of the House Kraemer. As stated by the press release, authenticity, beauty, rarity, and originality are the key words which has been guiding the choices of the House Kraemer since 1875. For six generations, the House Kraemer has developed a tradition of discretion while welcoming regularly art lovers and important designers in its “house-gallery”. In the mansion at 43 street of Pile, in Paris, it keeps the attention of private collectors and important international museums. A lot of people are really interested in the work of one of the cabinet makers the most represented in the museums of whole world: Jean-Henri Riesener. So, the Musée du Louvre, the Palace of Versailles, the Nissim de Camondo museum, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Philadelphia Museum of art, quoting only some of them, appear among the institutions suppliers or donors of Kraemer’s.

Introduced to the art of cabinetmaking by Jean-François Oeben, Riesener became a master in 1768, and was named “ordinary cabinet maker for the king” in 1774. Also a regular provider of Queen Marie-Antoinette, he produced for the Court and the Royal Family some amazing pieces of furniture, characterised by the use of delicate golden bronzes and invaluable sets of marquetry. With this unique exhibition, the House Kraemer is giving visitors and art lovers the extraordinary opportunity to buy one of these high quality works during the Biennale des Antiquaires.

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