Fabergé exhibition at Detroit Institute of Arts

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Detroit, 11 September 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

More than two hundred precious objects, made under the supervision of Pierre-Karl Fabergé (born in 1846), will be displayed at the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum to acknowledge the imperial Russian glory: “Fabergé: The Rise and Fall, Collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts” (from 14 October 2012 to 21 January 2013).

The exhibition explores the splendour of the Fabergé House at the international level. For more than forty years, they have produced luxury objects recognised in the entire world (notably the famous Fabergé eggs, jewels in the shape of Easter eggs, produced from precious metals and gems) during the gloomiest and most troubled years of modern Russian history. At the height of its success, the enterprise employed more than 1,500 people and had a yearly turnover of $175m. The exhibition recounts the history of the House, insisting on the group’s artistic innovation and on its special relationship with the Russian aristocracy, especially with the imperial Romanov family.

Visitors will probably be enraptured by the beauty of the objects: the opulence which is shown in the exhibition is a reflection of the life style of those who bought such amazing objects. It is not just about displaying the aesthetic of simple trinkets but, instead, about providing an account of the rise of the Fabergé House and explaining the social and political factors which led to its downfall.

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