Hermann Historica oHG’s autumn auction

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Munich, 29 August 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

From 14 to 23 October, Herman Historica oHG in Munich will be hosting its 65th auction with 5,370 lots encompassing antiquities, arms and armour, arts and crafts, hunting collectibles, orders, and decorations as well as collectibles from history and military history. The pre-sale viewing will take place from 9 to 13 October and on 21 October.

This auction will feature: a rare Bronze Age helmet from Central Europe circa 1,000 BCE; a selection of rare gothic armour pieces including a collar, a pair of full arm defences, and a pair of gauntlets circa 1480; a finely etched halberd from the guard of Ferdinand of Bavaria (1550-1608) from 1584; two 17th century champrons originating from Eastern Anatolia or West Iran; an 18th century Chinese rhinoceros horn libation cup; 2 1884 Indian chess games; two pachisi games; a pair of silver magnolia candle holders from the 1879 wedding of Emperor Franz Josef I and Empress Elizabeth; the Attila tunic of Austrian Emperor Carl I (1887-1922); a 11th/12th Romanesque tripodal tin candle holder. Highlights from this auction will also include: several hundred objects from the W. Baer Collection such as helmets, uniforms, equipment, and guns from WWI; a 1741 engraved and gilt shotgun from the personal legacy of Tsarina Elisabeth Petrovna (1709-1762); and a pair of 1554 Alsatian bronze falconets.

This leading auction house hosts at least two auctions per year, addressing more than 40,000 clients worldwide.

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