Street artist Manny Castro confesses to vandalising Chik-fil-A restaurant

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Torrance, CA, 14 August 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA)

Manny Castro, the author of a controversial graffiti entitled Tastes like hate found on the outside of a Chik-fil-A restaurant in Torrance, California, confessed to committing the act of vandalism.

With a degree from Parsons School of Design and experience creating window installations for Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s New York, and Fred Segal boutiques, street artist Manny Castro increased his profile when he moved to L.A. and started creating controversial works such as a large-scale canvas of Lady Gaga wearing a crown of thorns that he hung near the Hollywood Sign.

The origin of this satirical graffiti Tastes like hate is a response to “derogatory remarks made by the fast food company’s chief operating officer about the status of gays and lesbians”, as reported by Art Info.

Castro is quoted by the Huffington Post as saying, “It’s not much of a crime — it’s a protest. I’m against what these people stand for, what this company stands for. They’re trying to take away what little rights we already have”.

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