New building for EMST

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Athens, 31 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Thirteen years after its opening, the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) has planned to open its new building in October 2013.

As a national institution set up in 2000 and dedicated to the display of Greek and international contemporary art, the EMST will begin its new phase of operation with the accommodation of all its activities and collections in the Fix building. In 2000, the former Fix Brewery, converted afterwards into a comprehensive beer factory, was selected to host the Contemporary Art Museum. Abandoned for several years, this remarkable industrial building located in the heart of Athens had been designed by architect Takis Zénétos. With a total surface of 20,000 m2, the Fix building will enable to bring together the museum’s main services, its permanent collections, and its temporary exhibitions.

The museum’s permanent collections are built around two axes, historical and synchronic and cover various fields: painting, installations, photography, video, new media, architecture, and industrial design. Anna Kafetsi, director of EMST, underlined on the museum’s website: “We compose collections of selective rather than encyclopaedic character, which promote advanced tendencies and critical explorations.”

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