Art against spirituality

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Paris, 30 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

From 14 to 25 November 2012, A&E Projects will be displaying “Lost in Paradise. Du spirituel dans l’art actuel”, the selection of around twenty works by contemporary artists within the Loft Sévigné in the Parisian district Le Marais.

Five artists from Asia and the Middle East will be comparing their works on the theme of spirituality. Reza Aramesh (Iran), Shezad Dawood (Pakistan), Idris Khan (Pakistan), Ariandhitya Pramuhendra (Indonesia) et Michal Rovner (Israel) will focus on the issues and paradoxes linked to this topic. Part of the artists took the traditional religious iconography by responding to the emptiness caused by the disillusions of the current society. The other artists express themselves through an abstract and symbolic imagery in a context of war, terrorism, and social inequalities.

Set up by Arianne Levene and Eglantine de Ganay, A&E Projects specialises in contemporary art with a particular attention granted to Asia and the Middle East. Through this new exhibition, it aims at highlighting a group of artists who have marked the international contemporary artistic scene from Asia and the Middle East.

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