“Sinking Islands” at Labor Gallery

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Mexico, 30 July, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Up until 31 August 2012, the “Sinking Islands” exhibition at the Labor Gallery, Mexico, will be displaying the works of artists Katinka Bock, Etienne Charnbaud, Hernán Díaz, Fabien Giraud, and Karl Holmqvist.

This exhibition aims at displaying things alone in the world. Exhibition curator Vincent Normand explained in the press release that “Sinking Islands” “puts in place a repertoire of gestures literally without sources, producing a series of negative marks: cuts, lapidations, measures, coverings, blindings, confinements, erosions, falls, rips, inserts, seams, meshing, collages and bindings. In this exhibition we will be able to isolate slices, in a necessarily unstable way: a body of sand; blind fish that witness a transaction; a pile-up of animal scruffs (superimposed cuts); a torn atlas that is mended right away by threads that form other geometric sutures; the eschatological story of an apocalypse under a vitrine; an alphabet in pieces that the wall has not contained; sediments in repose, sediments caught during their fall; a cut throat; a cry.”

This exhibition consists of untied gestures and forms devoid of referents: gestures which do not included signs from a specific or historical context. On the opposite, these gestures cut the signs like razorblades. The objects “delimit an edge to the present of their experience”.

The exhibition’s principle is to bring together a group of works resisting a debate: “splinters, without anything splintering”.

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