Brigitte Lacombe on display at Sotheby’s

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London, 17 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Photographer Brigitte Lacombe will display a photographs series taken during the Olympic pre-selections of the Arab Games which took place last year in Doha, Qatar.

Indeed, the French photographer took snapshots of female athletes for a series entitled “Hey’Ya: Arab Women in Sport” which shows, thanks to her sharp eye, basketball players, fencers or the Qatar’s swimming team. This series was commissioned by the Qatar Museum Authority and will be on display during a show at Sotheby’s London from 25 July to 11 August 2012.

“For them to arrive at this level of excellence requires extreme determination to overcome resistance—not only cultural, but economic and political.” said Lacombe during an interview.

Brigitte Lacombe is renowned since the 1980s thanks to her photographs of Hollywood celebrities, movie scenes, and journeys.

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