Jean Sardi at the Michel Estades Gallery

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Paris, 5 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Jean Sardi will display from 29 September to 11 November 2012 at the Michel Estades gallery in Paris.

Originally from Provence, this artist acquired over the thirty years of his career in painting, of which 18 years he worked with the same gallerist, a reputation in the art market. His works are bought in France and abroad. Sardi is a colourist, but above all a landscapist interested primarily in seascapes and views of the interior of the country. He works with neither contours, nor forms; even if his works become ephemeral, lyrical and expressive, they give homage to Provence. He interprets motifs and instills them with colour, rendering the forms, the atmosphere, and the heat of the perceptible space.

“I am happy in Provence(…).The beauy is everywhere. You have to take the time to look around and to take it all in….I need landscapes with the sober and discreet vegetation of Provence, the marvelous scents of this dry earth burnt by the sun”, explains Jean Sardi in a press release.

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