Artist accused of blasphemy

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Madrid, 30 May 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Spanish artist Javier Krahe has faced legal-action for causing “offence to religious beliefs” in one of his short films.

The film in question, which lasts for under a minute, is done in the style of a cooking programme, and explains “how to cook Jesus Christ”. Krahe created the film in 1978, but it was not released on Spanish television until 2004 as part of an interview with the artist. The film shows the artist placing a figure of Jesus in an oven with butter and herbs.

There have been two previous unfruitful attempts to bring legal charges against the artist, who is currently on bail for €192,000 (£153,000). As The Guardian reported on 28 May this year, the artist has described the accusations as absurd, adding “I’m accused of a series of things that I haven’t done. I don’t appear on television cooking Christ, and I haven’t ever used these images [in a performance].”

Krahe is known as an artist who casts a critical eye over society. He has worked as both an assistant producer and actor. On Monday 28 May witnesses began to give statements before a tribunal in Madrid.

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