New York antique dealer suspected of trafficking antiquities

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New York, 9 May 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Subhash Kapoor, a gallery owner and antique dealer from Uttar Pradesh in India currently living in New York, is suspected by police the of Kerala state in southern India of being the head of a trafficking network dealing in Indian antiquities.

According to an article that appeared on the website of the Indian Times, Subhash Kappor was arrested in Germany in October 2011 after Interpol issued an international arrest warrant at the request of the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He has become increasingly implicated in several dozen thefts carried out in at least three Indian states since 2006, and notably in that of an idol of Shiva, created in emerald, at the temple of Sringeri Mutt, in Kalady, Kerala.

The import-export company Nimbus Import Inc. , founded by Kapoor in New York, is currently suspected of being a platform for the sale of stolen antiquities to collectors, museums and the art market, chiefly from South East Asia.

According to the article, it was the arrest of a man named Sanjivi Asokan, part of the investigation into the theft of the emerald idol, that led to the investigation into Subhash Kappor. The state police of Tamil Nadu have essentially discovered that Asokon received large sums of money from Kapoor for the sending of various parcels from the port of Chennai to the United States. The trail to Shubhash Kapoor was consequently discovered. The authorities of the various Indian states concerned plans to initiate the process of extraditing the suspect from Germany.

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