Artemiss Contemporary: the nomadic gallery

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Singapore, 9 May 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

A new gallery will soon be opening in Singapore with a character all of its own.

This gallery, which  is called the Artemiss Contemporary, is based around the concept of nomadism. The gallery does not travel very far, always staying within the limits of Singapore, but nevertheless often sets up exhibitions and events in unconventional places: restaurants, shops, salons, hotels, and apartments.

It is the first time that this idea, which is very popular in Europe, has been embraced in Asia. The gallery’s owner and originator of the idea is Clémentine de Forton. “We wish to show the works that we like in living interiors”, she explains. She adds that in order to share her passion for the European arts and reach the largest possible number of people, you must go to the public rather than wait for the public to come to you. People find art easier to relate to when they are in a familiar environment than when they are in a gallery.

The first exhibition of this entirely new gallery with take place between the 25 and 26 May this year. It is entitled “The Urban Muse”, and will present original illustrations by four artists: Christian McManus, Christophe Jacrot, Caroline Benech, and Joel Odesser. Mainly through the use of photographic and mixed media pieces, each artist explores the concept of “the city”. Shanghai, Hong-Kong, New York, Paris and London, amongst others, are all explored, revealing their beauty and diversity.

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