LACMA acquiring seven new works

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Los Angeles, 24 April 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) hosted, on Saturday 21 April 2012, a charity gala organized by its board of collectors. The 2.8 million dollars earned through this fundraising enabled the acquisition of seven new works.

This charity gala, created in 1986, takes place annually; it is one of the museum’s most important events. Over its 27 years of existence, the board enabled 184 acquisitions by raising more than 26 million dollars. This year, it gathered 79 members of the board of collectors and enabled to include the following works in the permanent collection:

  • Speechless, made in 1966 as part of the series Women of Allah (1993-1997) by Shirin Neshat;
  • Three Screen Ray, the three-channel video projection by Bruce Conner, made between 1961 and 2006, purchased for the museum by Brad and Colleen Bell, Victoria Jackson and Bill Guthy, Jane and Marc Nathanson and Steve Tisch ;
  • Fudō Myōō: The Indomitable Foe of Evil, a Buddhist-Japanese sculpture from the 12th century for which Irene Christopher and Scott M. Delman generously contributed;
  • The engraving Saint Jerome in His Study, made in 1514 by Albrecht Dürer, acquired thanks to Philippa Calnan’s donations;
  • The Marriage of the Virgin (1749) and The Adoration of the Kings with Donor (1741), two oil paintings by Nicolás Enríquez, acquired partly thanks to Kelvin Davis, Lynda and Stewart Resnick, Kathy and Frank Baxter, Beth and Joshua Friedman and Jane and Terry Semel;
  • Currents (1970), a newspaper collage by Robert Rauschenberg, acquired thanks to donations by Gail and Tony Ganz;
  • An elevator frame, by the architect Louis Sullivan, from the Chicago Stock Exchange Building.

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