Sarah Palin under fire in Chicago

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Chicago, 20 April 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Bridgeport Art Center of Chicago opened on 20 April a sculpture garden. For the occasion, a special barbecue evening was organized: the barbecue was indeed a metal sculpture depicting Sarah Palin, a politician and former candidate to the US vice-presidency.

The work, which will remain in the Bridgeport Picture Garden until the end of the year, was created for the National Ornamental Metal Museum of Memphis, where it was displayed from May to July 2011. Sarah Palin’s head, which looks a polygonal modelling akin to the first computer generated images, works as a real barbecue. When it is used, smokes comes out of the top of its skull while its eyes blaze.

The creator, J. Taylor Wallace, did not design this work without a political message, as explained in an article by Marcus Riley published on NBC Chicago’s Internet webpage. Its design took place while the debate over the creation of a medical cover system was raging in the United States. Wallace then considered that Sarah Palin’s strategy in this debate was to divert opinion from the truly important topics. He consequently designed an entertaining sculpture. This sculpture’s making played, during the three months it took to build it, the role of cathartic agent regarding the political climate of the time. According to J. Taylor Wallace, this really inspired him. He also declared to the WBIR channel that he believed that should the real Sarah Palin meet Palin the stove, she would certainly like it.

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