10 million dollars for Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art

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Chicago, 10 April 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art has received a donation of 10 million dollars from collectors Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson.

In recognition of this donation, the museum is planning to rename its theatre the Edlis Neeson Theater.

Stefan Edlis has been a member of the museum’s board since 1981 and presided over the collection commission from 2004 to 2008. Gael Neeson works for the exhibition commission. Although this donation is large, it is not the first time that one of the two collectors has made a significant donation to the museum: in 2000, one of their donations allowed for the founding of the Edlis/Neeson Foundation, and the purchase of several works, such as Felix by Maurizio Cattelan (2001) and For Chicago by Jenny Holzer (2007).

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