Taksu gallery hosts “Meeting Point: From Jogja with Love”

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Bali, 2 January 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Bali gallery Taksu will begin the year 2012 with an exhibition on seven Indonesian painters entitled “Meeting Point: From Jogja with Love”. For the occasion, the gallery invited Hanh, one of the participating artists, to co-organise the exhibition which will be on display from 17 January to 16 February.

These seven artists from different parts of Indonesia have all developed a unique and singular vision of painting, however, they all originated in common education institutions: Institute Seni Indonesia (ISI) / Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta. The seven painters, all born in the 70s, have some of their works displayed side by side in the workshops of the university, and others have never met, however, they all began their careers in the same place and have made their passion their profession. The exhibition “Meeting Point: From Jogja with Love” brings together the works of Dedy Sufriadi, Deskhairi, Dwi Setya Acong, Hono Sun, Joko “Gundul” Sulistiono,Wahyu Gunawan and Hanh.

Through the production of these artists, the Taksu gallery showcases the generation of artists formed in the country that contributes to the dynamism and creativity of the Indonesian scene today.

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