Manet at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

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Boston, 2 January 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

“Manet in Black” is the title of the exhibition to be held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, from 18 February to 28 October 2012. The American Museum aims to reveal a different side of Edouard Manet that is less known to the public: Manet as a graphic artist. The colour black, the colour of the 19th century in the words of Charles Baudelaire (friend of Manet), allowed the artist to express with such precision and subtlety of his “modern life” scenes. Thanks to drawings, as well as engravings, the artist has immortalised Spanish dancers, horses, spectators of the French race tracks and even  the Parisian nightlife. By attending these various events, Manet would seize these moments, often on the spot, and then further work on them in the studio which would become some of his greatest creations. If Manet sketches were originally used as working tools, they are now works in their own right and reflect the nervousness of the line and its own sense of precision to the painter.

The Museum of Fine Art will primarily focus on its own collections by unveiling fifty works by Manet, his contemporaries, such as Degas, and his sources of inspiration, such as Rembrandt. Through fifty pieces, the exhibition returns to the iconographic, stylistic and technical evolution of Manet’s graphic production during his career.

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