“Pictoplasma” festival and “Post-Digital Monsters” exhibition

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Paris, 9 December 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA)

For its Paris debut, the Berlin collective “Pictoplasma” will come to the Gaieté Lyrique in the form of conferences, exhibitions and performances, from 7 to 31 December.

“Pictoplasma” gathers a vast group of contemporary artists, including American artist, AJ Fosik, also known as the taxidermist carpenter, who is currently exhibiting his animal sculptures at the L.J gallery, in Paris, until 17 January. German artist MYMO, known for her graffiti, uses different techniques of collages to create mystifying creatures in an environment of every form and every geometric motive.

The “Pictoplasma” festival, ventures to explore the different representations of character design and figurative art of the international scene, through a set of installations, conferences and exhibitions. On the occasion, “Pictoplasma” selects innovative and imaginative creations among several studios and filmmakers during the specific research in the creation of creatures.

The invitation is based on a two-part exhibition: “Digital Monsters” and “Post-Digital Monsters”. The first part presents digital creatures in the form of family portraits, including unknown faces on glossy paper. The second part of the exhibition “Post-Digital Monsters” is free of this pressure: the creatures are now made from wool and clay, or otherwise presented in videos. At the end of the shows, visitors are invited to participate in the research of “The Missing Link”, a concept of installations, aiming to enlighten the visual mystery of the Yeti, the first digital monster.

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