“Subconscious Exploration” in Tokyo

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Taipei, 29 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Metaphysical Art Gallery in Taipei is currently hosting the exhibition, “Subconscious Exploration”, until December 25. The Metaphysical Art Gallery introduces the exclusive creations of Wang Pan-Yuon, Yang Mao-Lin, Hwang Jyi, Su Wong-Shen, Kuo Jen Chang, Lee Min-Ze, Liao Tu An, Gary Baseman, Kwori Ki-Soo and Eddie Kang.

The works of those artists often refer to changes in society and cultural trends. The connections between the lives and environments where they belong are always far from what our conscience could feel. This strong and deep conscience peacefully plunges the artists into their subconscious, and transforms life expressions in a manner as charming as it is full of tension. Each work is a piece of emotion, a memory of the artists’ lives. Beauty and strangeness emerge from the artists’ original creations.

The history of the gallery starts in 1989, under the name of Magnet Art Gallery before it settled in the Apollo Building in 1992 and took its current name, Metaphysical Art Gallery. The gallery represents a major element for Taiwanese art, introducing works of local artists but also from all over Asia (Japan, China, Korea).

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