Ai Weiwei at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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Humlebæk, 21 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, is currently presenting an exhibition dedicated to Ai Weiwei, until 12 February 2012.

Ai Weiwei expresses himself through a distinctive, formal yet simple way, in a dialogue between factual history and personal memory. His work relates to the universal human conditions and represents respect for the individual. Ai Weiwei’s work reflects major issues of the 20th century through the combination of traditional Chinese materials, as well modern industrial technologies.

The exhibition is displaying three major installations. Forever witnesses Ai Weiwei’s fascination for the father-figure of conceptual art, Marcel Duchamp. The installation is made up of 42 ’Forever’ brand bicycles, the Chinese nation’s favourite means of transport for decades. Piled up into a cylindrical tower, the ensemble of bikes represent a vehicle which cannot go anywhere as its pedals and handlebars have been removed. Fountain of light is a seven-metre tall crystal tower. The work relates to the unfinished tower by Russian architect, Vladimir Tatlin, created for the Third International in 1919, a political movement created by Lenin and the Bolcheviks. Finally, Trees, represents four trees stretching floor to the ceiling, consisting of trunks and branches gathered together creating a metaphor of life and death.

Three documentary films by Ai Weiwei will also be presented at the retrospective. They depict the artist in his activist role. Earlier this year, Ai Weiwei was arrested and isolated by Chinese authorities over official claims.

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