François Pompon triumph at Artcurial

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Paris, 23 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Art deco auction organised by Artcurial on 21 November received moderate results. The auction received a total sales figure of $1.08 million (lower than its estimation), while 63 of 129 lots remained unsold. The outcome would have been gloomy if it weren’t for the iconic Ours blanc by François Pompon (1855-1933). The small white marble model of the famous “Ours Pompon”, which made the French animal sculptor successful, raised the enthusiasm of bidders, whether in the room or on the phone. The statue created in 1927, was finally sold for €378,500 (taxes included), quintuple its high estimation. It is a new world record for a French sculptor’s work on auction.

Among the head lots of the auction, was a floor lamp by Eugène Printz (1889-1948) designed for the big exhibition hall of the Arts Techniques in Paris in 1937 and was sold for €102,150, as well as another model sold for €56,300. The work Le Cantique des Cantiques illustrated by François Louis Schmied (1873-1941) reached, according to him the amount of €62,500, more than twice its low estimation.

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