Christian Dotremont at Centre Pompidou

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Paris, 4 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

For the first time in France, Centre Pompidou dedicates an exhibition to seventy “Logogrammes” by Christian Dotremont (1922-1979) which is currently taking place until 2 January 2012.

Christian Dotremont is a Belgian painter and poet who founded the famous group Cobra in 1948, along with Karel Appel, Constant and Jorn. Reflecting on the notion of language and writing he invented in 1962 “Logogrammes” – graphemes (symbol for a word) just as the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Made with Indian ink and through calligraphic inspiration, the “Logogrammes” are accompanied by texts of a variable length and function such as visual poems, called “drawings-words”.

This retrospective of Christian Dotremont’s work is an opportunity to discover one of the most talented Belgian artists of his generation. Presented in the Graphic design studio at Centre Pompidou, the exhibition is a part of the long action in favour of contemporary graphic production.

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