Albert Moore at Sotheby’s

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London, 2 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA)

Albert Moore (1841-1893) painting Waiting to Cross will be the highlight of the “Victorian & Edwardian art” sale organised by Sotheby’s in London on 15 November 2011. Estimated between £300,000-500,000, the canvas represent three women on the shore of a river, turned with their backs to the spectator and draped in togas, resembling the classic model of the Three Graces, although there is no mythological reference in this particular painting.

Albert Moore (1841-1893) was a major figure of the Aesthetic Movement. This piece is his only contribution to the emblematic exhibition of this group at Grosvenor Gallery in 1888. The Aesthetic artists such as painters, poets, decorators and creators rose up against British society’s materialism in the 1860s and the ugliness that it expressed to their eyes. They developed a new idealisation and an aesthetic of the beauty in their works which are full of sensibility and free from the rigorous principles of the Victorian rule.

Sotheby’s auction will also present six works by  Henry Scott Tuke’s (1858-1929). This set of paintings, watercolours and sculptures from a private collection is estimated at £200,000. The British painter is essentially known for his scenes full of eroticism where young nude figures are relaxing in a natural environment. However, the major piece of the corpus, Return From Fishing is a genre painting in which the artist presents a soothing moment in a sunny summers day (estimated £100,000-150,000).

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