Degas committee creation

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Paris, 18 October 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

An Edgar Degas committee has just been created by Degas moral rights legatees, which intends to defend, as well as to promote, the artist’s work.

In 1987, 70 years after the French artist’s death, his work was revealed in to the public. As his work is perpetual, the artist’s moral rights were given to his legatees according to the intellectual property penal code.

The defence of the artist’s work is the first objective of the association, according to Law 1901. Any breach of Degas’ moral rights will be counted by the committee, such as abusive use, for example, of the artist’s name only for one purpose. The committee’s only objective is to promote Degas’ work. Thus, it will offer its sponsorship approval for renowned experts to promote the artist’s work.

The authenticity committee will process a census report for the auctions of artist’s work and will be able to create authenticity certificates under demand. In general, “the committee will take care of every sector, in which Degas’ work is presented, as paintings, pastel paintings and sculptures”. The President of the Edgar Degas committee is Bruno Pasquier, while Philippe Vial is the association’s Vice-President.

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